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Use these resources to help you talk about safety planning and to find resources for an adult whose behaviors worry you.Speaking Up If you are seeing warning signs or risky behaviors, raising your concerns with other adults can be the first step to protecting a child.Second, knowledge about causes can help sex offender management professionals manage and mitigate risk more effectively.(For more, see Chapter 6, "Sex Offender Risk Assessment," and see Chapter 8.We can help you find specialized help, including reporting options, for everyone involved.Keys to Prevention Warning Signs Learning about the warning signs that could indicate an adult is at risk to abuse a child can give you the opportunity to take preventive action.As nearly 85% percent of sex abuse cases are never reported, it is never a good idea to depend on the registry alone to protect children.Find information below on how the registry works and how to use it effectively.

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Sex Offender Registry The Sex Offender Registry is just one tool in helping parents and other concerned adults plan for safety.

Or, you might know of current sexual abuse, possibly involving child pornography that must be stopped.

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