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29-Nov-2019 03:49

What’s more seductive than Maurice Ravel’s “Sonatine”?

Getting busy on the sleek Steinway while the pianist works through each movement.

The shadows cooling your sex-flushed face while the flames warm your willing orifices.

And afterward, you can snuggle up for some hot cocoa and post-shag bonding.

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Long gone are the days of chats and suggestive text. Teledildonics are gadgets (like dildos, butt plugs, and other sex toys) that your cyber partner control over the internet. The best position for a Ferris wheel is the love seat.(Public pools are nasty.)Jacuzzis are great because there are benches to use for all kinds of great positions.The jets offer extra blasts of pleasure and heated water for added sensation.In fact, if you’re tossing in the bedsheets, there’s a good chance you’ve rolled around in someone else’s juices.

Jun 19, 2018. There are so many great places to have sex that don't involve a bedroom or even a bed. Sometimes the best way to learn about yourself is to.… continue reading »

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