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You are not an emotion (you are a spirit, you have a soul (emotions, desires, feelings, thought life, intellect and appetites) and you live in a body.

Knowing your true identity will affect your relationships.

That being said, rather than trying to give a comprehensive synopsis, I’ll just include the description or mission statement of each (where there is one), as well as something I personally took away from the series.

In the beginning God created man and woman, and ever since we have been asking questions about love, marriage, sex, and romance.

Divorce – no one ever originally plans on getting divorced.

Unplanned pregnancies – force unexpected responsibility. STDs – which can affect you for the rest of your life.

Gen. - God describes the importance of the male-female relationship.

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Each of the ones I’ve listed below cover several aspects of relationships, because each include several sermons or episodes.Listen to Ev Free Fullerton Sex, Love and God Podcast This sermon series was filled with so many nuggets of wisdom, but one that stood out to me the most was an analogy given on the powerful role God designed sex to have within marriage.I feel like I’ve heard a lot of these types of analogies within Christian culture, but this one takes the cake!Jesus said the entire law is wrapped up in loving him and each other (Mat.-40). 1Affection, 2Friendship (should be “Agape” or unconditional), 3Mariage (a married man and woman, this also involves agape, but there is more to it than that!!! All 4 areas involve Attraction (Attraction is an emotion which involves admitting something is nice and beautiful compared to lust which is choosing to selfishly use, desire or gratify).

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God’s relationship rules (1 Cor.13:4-8): Love 1Is patient, 2 kind, 3doesn’t envy, 4doesn’t “parade” self (show off), 5isn’t puffed up (proud), 6isn’t rude, 7doesn’t seek own interests, 8isn’t be provoked, 9bears all things, 10believes all things (believes the best, not worst ~ gossip), 11doesn’t rejoice in evil (isn’t happy about others’ downfalls), 12rejoices in the truth (of who they are in Christ), 13hopes all things, 14endures all things (keeps on loving when it is hard to), 15Love Never Fails!! You can be attracted to a pizza or to a kitten (Affection), guys and gals as friends, your spouse (I hope you will be) and God. Fact: You will be attracted to different individuals. Letting attraction lead you will get you into more trouble than you can imagine.

When they’re not, they can be the source of a lot of grief.

Jul 13, 2018. Dating Books, Bible Studies, and Sermons. The Mingling of Souls God's Design for Love, Marriage, Sex, and Redemption by Matt Chandler.… continue reading »

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