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25-Dec-2019 03:29

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My interests include gaming, sharing and listening, reading and writing, I am more of an indoor cat than an outdoor cat.

I like the nicer comforts in life as much as I like to be challenged intellectually.

I love to have a cup of blonde brew coffee every morning before I get my day going. I laugh, tell stories, enjoy things and have a good time I' m Irish women6 but i was born and raised in Ireland Dublin before moving to Florida. I study Engineer in Dublin University Ireland where i obtain my Doctorate Degree in first class.

I can be romantic in my own little way, you just wait to meet I’m ready for someone who truly wants a committed relationship, AND I want to really get to know someone well before jumping in. But if you aren’t yet over an ex, trying to figure out if you want a relationship, or I'm nice, kind and loyal. I move to Florida when i lost I'm just me, I hate labels and drama.

I am very loyal, and need to be sure that the person I care for is also loyal and trustworthy. I a woman Eternal optimist, snarky sense of humor, loves glamping, mycology, dogs, British murder mysteries, hates drama, negative people, Trump supporters.

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Respect Trying to share meaningful specifics - what a crazy challenge.

I am hoping to meet interesting people, who are open minded, political but that do not politicize everything someone says.