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27-Nov-2019 00:56

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Only having sex in bed can get old pretty fast, especially if you're in a long-term relationship.Every now and then, you have to switch it up to keep things ~lit~. And while role-playing is great, as is dirty talk, sometimes, you should just switch locations entirely.

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Bathroom stalls also seem to be pretty common, if you're willing to handle the smell.The shower can be difficult for sex because it can dry things out.Instead, do it doggy style up against the bathroom sink.It's important to remember that public sex is a felony offense in most states, and it can get you branded as a sex offender if you're unlucky.

That being said, abandoned buildings are a good option if you want to have sex in public without being caught.

If you're just looking to give a handjob, or are foolhardy enough to give a blowjob, this is a good option. Full-blown sex in a movie theater is not a good option for that reason alone.

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My girlfriend gets really horney sometime driving car and I don't know place I can park and just have sex.… continue reading »

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