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They are so small my cat doesnt bite them she just swallows them down whole .. We have purposely selected to use a small, round kibble for our cat formulations because our experience has demonstrated that this is the type of kibble cats prefer.


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Vet said to get Hills Science, bought a bag, but she would not eat it. Their long hair became soft, luxurious and mostly tangle free.Vet said to get Hills Science, bought a bag, but she would not eat it. This is the only food that doesn't make my 12 year old cat scratch his ears raw.Looked at all grain free food, and found this to be 30% protein, just what the Doc ordered. With all other foods they seemed to eat more to maintain weight. Recipe does not have enough protein and my indoor cat began gaining weight on only 1/4 cup a day (mixed with 1/3 cup wet food).We have forwarded your suggestion to our marketing department.


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If you have any further questions or need more information please give us a call at 1.866.864.6112. I'm just excited that they both found one they love after trying 6 new foods!

This food is good for kitties a cat with multiple problems such as sturvite crystals and allergies to chicken and other ingredients, I struggled to find food that doesn't make him lick his arms and tummy bald.