Free verification id for online dating

24-Dec-2019 04:05

Modern identity verification providers are now providing emerging methods of verification and face-based authentication with seamless user experience, and online dating sites need to follow suit.Consumers demand a frictionless experience when online.The hands of these companies are tied – the consumer expectation of a frictionless user experience is higher than ever, but companies must also be able to provide the best security available when creating the ideal user experience. Last year, a scam took place in South Carolina in which prison inmates set up an extortion ring blackmailing members of the military by posing as underage women online and collected more than half a million dollars.It’s clear that the fraud-related risks of online dating are becoming more apparent and companies must adopt higher levels of security to protect their own ecosystem and customers.Just as important, facial biometrics offer a simple one-step solution to the problem of remembering a vast array of PIN codes and passwords.

He holds a Master of Science degree and Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Liveness detection is also applied to ensure the user is physically present when creating the account and logging in.

This is not only more convenient for consumers than traditional methods, but it is also much more secure.

Companies must confidently ensure that people using an online dating app or service are who they claim to be — even after initial account creation.

Online sites are trying to recruit as many accounts as possible to boost their numbers and aren’t willing to take the necessary precautions to verify that an account holder’s digital identity continues to match their physical identity.

Most are mild lies like weight and wealth, but some users are what would be called more severe “catfishers” and pretend to be someone they are not.

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