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26-Sep-2019 21:07

It’s easy to mistake “leisure” in French and “study” in French: I mean, watching a French movie is not going to hurt your French, that’s for sure!But how much will you have learned at the end of the movie?

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So, choose things that you like, like listening to French songs, but don’t pass on things that you need, like drilling on your French prepositions…

I suggest you memorize some Subjunctive constructions you can easily drop in conversations… People master grammar in different ways: you may excel at mimicking a construction…

And don’t worry if it takes some time to get the hang of online dating. “My experience is that a lot of people who’ve been out of dating for that long—even 15 years or 10 years—have a.… continue reading »

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A new study shows parents are more worried about kids being exposed to sex scenes than graphic violence in movies. my daughter has seen far more. harder and harder for parents to shield.… continue reading »

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ON A LATE DECEMBER AFTERNOON, Sara Loe pulled up to a house in Savin Hill to drop off her 15-year-old daughter, Jane, at a friend’s. Jane had said the two girls, friends since kindergarten, were.… continue reading »

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Day ago. I was recapping The L Word when I started dating my first-ever girlfriend. feels as deliberate as opening the show with a period sex scene between two women of. Bette calling to her daughter Angelica through the doorway.… continue reading »

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