Dating a recovering sex addict

24-Nov-2019 08:07

Sure, they are good in bed, but they need to be in charge the whole time.

You may end up feeling that you're less their sex partner than someone being led around and controlled.

Maybe you’ve been hanging out for just a couple of weeks, or maybe it’s a long-term relationship. First things first: sex addiction isn’t just about loving sex.

You know that sometimes, you can be suspicious by nature, but lately, things just don’t seem right. The main symptoms of sex addiction include being unable to control sexual decision-making, failed attempts at stopping unwanted sexual behavior, and a pattern of negative consequences resulting from one's sex life, from anxiety to depression and legal problems.

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If someone is masturbating compulsively, it's because they can't stop, and might have a problem.

They almost always feel very guilty and ashamed of their behavior.

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