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12-Apr-2020 14:53

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Email addresses can be used for phishing attempts, but can also be sold to online marketers for spam.

Physical addresses can lead to mail fraud and “dumpster diving,” which can then easily turn into other potential forms of identity theft, scams, or fraud.

Let's start somewhere extremely practical yet often not acknowledged in discussions on privacy and anonymity.

This is a fundamentally important questions because it greatly impacts the defences you apply.

If you're a budding Edward Snowden then you'll need to go much, much further.

Let's jump into it, and we'll start somewhere simple.

For example, you can enter an address such as [email protected] head off to Mailinator, enter the alias and immediately view the contents of the mailbox: There's no authentication and therefore you need to assume there's no confidentiality (although the likelihood of someone stumbling across a genuinely randomised email alias is extremely low), but when email is simply a barrier to site entry then Mailinator is a very simple solution.

Many of the data breaches I come across have numerous Mailinator addresses in them for precisely this reason.

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If you don't want your participation in certain sites going public, then this will be useful.

Gmail (or equivalent - there are many other free online mail providers) gives you a full blown email address and obviously requests a lot of info in the process.

A great alternative where an email address is simply a requirement to entry and you care little about anything that's actually sent to it is to use a Mailinator address.

Given that this data breach included highly personal information that many of the members might not want shared, it’s alarming to think that a thief could extort money from some of the members in exchange for not blasting the news of their participation in a site dedicated to sexual relationships with strangers.

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This practice has unfortunately become so commonplace in the world of social media that it has its own term, sextortion.The measures you take to hide your identity from, say, a significant other or general member of the community may not be sufficient to hide from government oversight.Of course the latter will usually also protect you from the former, but it also often comes with an additional burden to implement.The easiest personal identifier that will match you to a site is your email address.

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