Adult friend finder hack list hot singles in my area

18-Feb-2020 04:20

The attack took place three years prior in August 2013.

Yahoo disclosed that sensitive personal information - including names, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted passwords - had been part of the breach.

reported in December 2018 that the Marriott hack was the target of a co-ordinated attempt by Chinese intelligence-gathering operators.

Date: November 2016Number of affected users: 412 million What happened: Over 412 million user accounts registered across the Friend Finder Network umbrella, including Adult Friend Finder, were compromised in October 2016.

The longest passwords were "pussy.password Limit Exceeded:07/1" and "gladiatoreetjaimelesexetjaimefum", with a Blackadder fan in #3 with "antidisestablishmentarianism" and a sybarite who reads XKCD in #4 with "pussypussymoneymoneyweedweed." Hotmail was the most common email provider, followed by Yahoo and gmail.

These three accounted for the vast majority of registered addresses, with AOL and Live an order of magnitude down.

Friend Finder Network subsequently released a statement advising that the company did “..a vulnerability that was related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability." Date: May 2016Number of affected users: 360 million What happened: Users of the social networking site My Space were notified in May 2016 that their old information could be available for sale online.

Time Inc., which purchased My Space in February of the same year, advised that 360 million accounts were compromised.

Date: August 2013Number of affected users: 3 billion What happened: In 2016, Yahoo revealed details of a data breach which compromised more than one billion user accounts.

The number of usernames and passwords we have at our disposal is growing by the day - and hackers and criminals aim to have them at their disposal too, leading many to be at risk of some of the biggest data breaches of all-time.

AdultFriendFinder was hacked again in October 2016. more than 400m accounts, many with plaintext passwords, from AdultFriendFinder and associated websites. Every Christmas list has names you dread buying for.… continue reading »

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This collated list highlights the ten largest and most notable data breaches in recent history. umbrella, including Adult Friend Finder, were compromised in October 2016. The hack exposed user information including email addresses, passwords. FriendFinder Network subsequently released a statement advising that the.… continue reading »

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