MusicWire Changelog

v2.3. Disabled non-working music source. 11.08.2017

v2.2. Disabled non-working music source. 16.05.2017

v2.1. Added 2 new music sources. Amazing search results. 13.05.2017

v2.0. Added new music source and more songs in the TOP-1000. 29.12.2016

v1.9. Recover the first music source. 10.07.2016

v1.8. Returned quick access to the download folder. Added the ability to disable the automatic check for updates. 03.12.2015

v1.7. Simplifying UI. 29.11.2015

v1.6. Recover the second music source. The program finds twice as many songs in excellent quality. 02.06.2015

v1.5. Fixed bug save downloaded files. 07.05.2015

v1.4. Added Brazilian language (thank you for translating Alex Silva). 27.04.2015

v1.3. Disabled non-working music source. 14.04.2015

v1.2. Recover program. 13.01.2015

v1.1. Added a quick search on 30.05.2014

v1.0. Birthday. 28.03.2014

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